Your website is the face of your organization; you have to make it appealing to your customers in order to get leads and sell your product. It is a medium through which your products and services will gain global reach just with one click. In the past, creating websites was a hassle. One had to have the knowledge of HTML, CSS and had to spend long hours in making templates and pages. Also if one switched to any professional firm for the designing, they had to pay for every service in return. This included domain registration, hosting, design and development, content creation, maintenance and other services. Especially when it is an E-commerce dynamic site, the expenditures rose on every step. Do not forget the time you had to spend waiting for your site to get live. Let’s compare the pros and the cons.

Numerous Charges
Although you get the services, but the professional companies charge you for registering your domain name and even charge you for hosting it making it live. Along with that you pay for the number of pages you create, monthly or annual maintenance and what not. The cycle never ends. This forces you to keep a set amount of money (ranging between 20k to 50k or more) aside to pay for the overall website.

Wastage of Time
With a bulk of e-mails your way asking you to approve the designs and the buttons and the colour scheme etc, you will patiently have to wait for the site to get ready and while it’ll take its own sweet time. (It might take as long as 2-4 months). But wonder, within two months, you could easily have made a trip around the world and promoted your product! Why wait for this long for a professionally designed website then? If it was quicker, this could have saved your efforts, time and money!

A Fixed Template to Follow
If you are relying on the professional Web Designing Company for your website’s creation, you will be given a fixed template to follow. In case you feel like changing it after some time, you have to again contact your web designing firm and pay for the additional changes.

Optimization is kept Optional
In many cases, your website created by a web designing company is not optimized according to the new-age tablets and smartphones. In case you wish so, you will have to shed some more pennies to get it done. However, there are sites which are fully optimized.


Today , many sites have emerged with Free Website building options wherein you can easily customize your website and create it in a few minutes. A number of services are offered by these sites which allow you to upload your logo, select the template, mention about the products and services on the site, put it the content yourself and after you do this, you have a full fledged website to flaunt to the world. Some of them are like, and etc.

India Online has come up with a versatile solution for all your website-making hassles with its new feature “Get Online”.

Let us discuss some benefits of this free, personalized website building platform.

Here are some of the many benefits you’ll experience with India Online when you will switch to creating websites with their free services. Most of the free website building sites offer the below services but this platform offers you with all them and even more.

Count till 10 and it’s Done!
Yes, websites can be created in just less than 10 steps which will not even take 5 minutes of yours. You register yourself, you select a template, you give details about your product and that’s it! A click will make it happen! You need not wait for months together for your website.

Your First Website

Infinite Updations and No Maintenance Hassles
Now that you are the owner, you will maintain anything on the site to everything on the site. You can update or modify your content according to your specifications anytime. It’s all up to you on how frequently you want to do so. And remember, no extra charges.

Easy Site Building Option

Pocket friendly
Since most of your features are free, you get to invest in other promotional activities and save a lot of money as well. And why would you go for a web designing company’s paid option when you have the option to get it done for free?

No Knowledge of Coding Required
Even if you are a layman, you can easily create your website by following the instructions and screens. Just look at the screen and input what all its asking you to write. That’s it. You need not be a nerd in Computer Science to do this anymore.

Multiple Templates
Indian Online offers you with multiple choice in templates. You may choose any according to your product and start building your website.

Over 200 Templates

Full Compatibility
Yes, India Online is full compatibility to smartphones and other gadgets. You can even open them in any browser anywhere.

Viability to Search Engines
Many free website building options come up with optimized micro-domains. If this facility is missing, you site will not be viable to the search engines, henceforth, your site will not be reaching the audience. So make sure you choose the right one. India Online gives you a fully optimized micro-domain even when it’s free.

You are the owner
Unlike web designing companies, you are the owner of your site and that too in just a matter of minutes. You can any day change anything you want to and it will all get published there and then without any approval of anyone.

A website is a very crucial tool in boosting your sales and publicising your product. India Online provides you with a website which is completely search engine optimized. Your micro-site will be linked to the city wherein you have your business and will be promoted on India Online which itself is a network of 334 websites. By making your site here on India Online, you will automatically register yourself in our business listings with no extra charge which means more visibility and more customers. So, eventually, you will get more local as well as global exposure.

If you do not choose the best for yourself, you will not be able to make the best out of it. By upgrading your plans you can enjoy more and more features and unlimited access as well. No matter how many old and new sites are available in the market, you have to choose what suits you and your pockets the most and that is why India Online is a niche in the market. This site caters to all your needs at one single platform. No more wasting your hardwork in setting up your business, it is time to promote and make profit! It’s time to login and begin your journey to success. It’s time to Get Online!!!