In a lay man’s language, Web designing is the long, lengthy process of creating a website. This involves the in-depth knowledge of designs, layouts, interfaces and much more. But for all of this, a web designer must have hands on the coding languages like HTML, CSS etc. Beware, one wrong code, and your website will go for a toss. So a web designer has to be very careful about every bit.

Why did people rely on Website Designers?
Well, one of the major reasons was the lack of time and knowledge of the Coding languages. Before the advent of free website builders, people who required a website, switched to web designers for the same reason. Neither did people have time, nor could they invest it in learning the designing language to create their own websites, so the web designers had the monopoly. These languages were the most important nerve of creating a website and the lack of it was a major drawback to people. Also, there was too much money involved in the whole process for all the steps like Domain Registration, Site Maintenance, Optimization and many more. That’s when the need for free website builders came into play.

Why choose Free Website Builders? Get Online
Free website builders provide its customers a platform wherein they could make their own websites without the hassles of cramming the coding language and spending fortunes over the site. They provide with many free services which, otherwise burnt a hole in people’s pockets. Pre defined templates became the ultimate rescue for businessmen. Today many sites like India Online,,, etc gives you the option of creating your own website for free.

This saved a lot of hassles, months of waiting and huge expenditures that incurred to the attention as website building became a task of a few minutes.

Why Create your Website yourself?
You might feel web designers are highly qualified for this task. Of course they are. But that doesn’t mean you cannot be one. You can very well create your own website, choose its template, update it and maintain it as long as you want to. You become the sole king of your site and the content on it. The Best Part? You do not have to cram and puzzle yourself in the codes at all.

How to create a website without the knowledge of Web Designing
Although there are free options available in the market but to pick the best one that suits you and your business, is really tough. You have to choose the one which has the maximum benefits in one single site. Some web designers allow free access for only one year while some charge you for the maintenance all throughout. But don’t you wish to have a site which can not only give you the unlimited access, but also the full control to update and maintain your site as and when you wish for? India Online is your place to be.

Let’s now look at how can you create your own website on India Online’s free website building platform – Get Online, without the knowledge of web designing. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Steps to Create your Website without a Web Designer
Although there are various website builders in market which require no knowledge of the web designing languages. But, India Online is the latest and the most efficient website creation platform. Herein you do not require the knowledge of any coding language. Even if you are a lay man who never created any site, this place is your sigh of relief as its online step by step guide is just like your A,B,C. Within next five minutes you will be able to create and flaunt your site and sit back to enjoy the growth in your business. May it be big or small, you will find its perfect place here on India Online.

Step 1:
Click Here to open the site or Go to and get started.

Free Website Site Builder by India Online

Select you State, Locality and City in the dialogue box which appears before you.

Step 2:

Select your City Box

Select the Basic (Free) Plan from the list of plans and complete the form to create your website and entry into All India Business Directory Listing (Totally Free of Cost).

Business Listings

This is a normal registration form which will send a verification code on your cell phone. After finishing your registration, you will be asked to select your related categories and sub-categories for all your products and services on the next page.

Step 3:

After clicking submit, you will have to choose your template (From more than 200 in the list) according to your Product/Services.

Templates for every business on Get Online

You can now fill in your content through an easy and interactive 8 step process to complete your page/website. This includes:

Website Building Guide

1. Adding Logo and Company Name

2. Adding Company Profile

Company Profile

3. Adding Products and Services

4. Adding Contact Details


Contact Details

5. Adding Latest Updates and News

6. Adding New Pages

7. Adding Short Summary/Slogans about your Compan

8. Editing Your Footer Section

After which you may click on Preview in case you want to see how your website will look and then you can safely click on ‘Save and Publish’ button and Viola! Your Website is Ready!

Your Website is Ready

Wasn’t that super easy??? Getting your site ready in just 5 minutes? That too yourself with no knowledge of the codes and without help of anybody!

How You will Grow with India Online:

If you are still sceptical, let us tell you about the perks of making a website with India Online.
India Online caters to a network of over 350 sites all over India along with 4000 towns of the country. It disseminates information on each and every place on the Indian Map including its tourism, food culture, entertainment, society, history and much more. Apart from the Website, you will be given a free entry into our ‘All India Business Listings’. You can also write about your shop/store and send across the article to us. We will review and publish it on the respective City-Guide. Not only this, India Online gives you the access to post classifieds and press releases on the network and that too free of cost. So there can be no better option than this to create you website.

So what holds you now? Take your business to a whole new level and Get Online with Us.