Before beginning with the “What to Do’s”, let us first understand what is a Website or site? A site is nothing but a compilation (or a set) of pages linked with a single domain. Which means, if you are creating a website say, allindiansports.com, it will have a number of pages related to your domain like History, Statistics, Current Matches or anything you like. These pages will represent what your website is all about. To host this website, you need a web server. You can create a personal, government, non-governmental, commercial, or blog site depending on your choice.

Make your Own Website


According to a recent survey, it was revealed that 45.1 percent of the overall internet usage comes from Asia alone. So, imagine how many people in the ‘world’ are currently accessing the internet right now? Here are some of the reasons why to create a website of your own?


Everybody wants everybody to know them! If you are a businessman, you surely would want your products and services to be told to people. If you are a writer, you’d want the world to know about your skills. No matter in which profession you are, a website for you is always waiting.

Vast Visibility
The vast visibility and reach is the foremost reason why everybody wants to be a part of the web and a website serves the purpose perfectly!

Real-Time Updation
Whatever you wish to let the world know, you do it real time with websites. All updates, all additions, all the changes reach globally in just one click.

Inevitable Existence
Your information will never be lost again. You are free to make changes and save all you want to. Your products and their specifications will stay there as long as you want them to. You can access it anywhere with the internet and ask people to open your websites in case they wish to know more. Makes you proud, doesn’t it?

It’s an Add-On to your Profit!
Even if you have a shop where you sell your products, you still won’t mind some additional income. Will you? Surely not! A website is always an add-on to your profit margins. You can display your items on the website, put in the database of its services/features with your contact details and Viola! You’re done. Interested people will get back to you without you putting an effort into door-to-door promotions!

So are you all set to build your website? Read about Professional Website Builders first.


Earlier, putting your hands into building your website was a tiresome, long and time consuming task. Also, with many professional website builders or the Web Designing Companies ruling the business world, making your own site better than them, was even a harder struggle! These professional organizations took a lot of share of your pockets and months of your time to hand over your websites to you! And because people wanted to enjoy the vast traffic through the internet and gain more profit but were unaware of the coding languages, they relied on these web firms for their websites. Here are some of the things you need to know about them:

Registration Charges:
In order to build the website, the user first has to register his/her domain. This involved annual registering charges for the domain hosting. Also he/she has to buy some hosting space in order to upload and make their websites live.

Building Content:
These web designing companies build your content which appears on your website. This is also a paid service.

Maintenance Charges:
Every professional website building company charges their customers for the maintenance of their websites. Since these are dynamic websites, the charges are higher as compared to the static websites.

SEO Optimization:
This is a very important aspect of driving traffic onto your sites. However, the websites created by the professional firms usually lack the intense Search Engine Optimization which is a long, thoughtful process all together.

But, now the times have changed! Internet is flooding with free website building options.


People, today, are not interested in sitting back and comparing various website building services and wasting time. They are neither interested in waiting for months, nor they want to shed huge amounts of money in private firms who’d create their websites. Rather, they would love to invest time in their products they wish to sell and profits they wish to make, especially for small businesses.

They are now looking towards free website building services, which take care of almost all the basics. Some of the online website builders which provide free website making options are Indiaonline.in, wordpress.com, wix.com, jimdo.com, yola.com, moonfruit.com, blogspot.com, weebly.com, imcreator.com, bravenet.com and many more.

Make your free Website
Amongst these, Indiaonline.in serves all the below functions and offers its free website building platform called Get Online which is highly beneficial for people who generally are new to the business and wish to expand. Apart from this, many blogging sites offer some non-paying services as well.

Apart from the expenses, another problem why people switched to professional web designers was the lack of knowledge of the coding language. Since people were unaware of it, they had no other option than to walk their ways to them which led to huge expenditures. As, people wanted to have their share of popularity through the web, they were bound to have their own functional websites. This increased the bulk of work with the designers and monopoly rooted itself leading to a lot of chaos. So there came a rescue- Pre-Defined Templates!

Many web-designing sites now have pre-defined set of themes/templates coded already. So you do not have to delve into learning HTML and CSS3 anymore. Just pick one template from the list of free ones and start writing! Easy. Isn’t it?

Now that our basic but huge problems have a solution, let us know how to create a free website!


Open a host which offers free website services. You may choose from the above mentioned domains which have the option of free website designing. We will give you a step by step procedure which will fulfil your maximum requirements in the shortest span of time. Click Here to visit the site or open https://local.indiaonline.in/getonline.

Getonline Website by India Online

Enter the Pincode of the place where you have set up your business.

Select yourself a plan which suits you. You will see a list of features of the plans on the left hand side of the screen.

Getonline Website Plans

Select the ‘Free’ Option from the list of Plans the host is asking you to choose from. You will then be asked to register/ fill-in your details in the contact form. Fill in your city and other details here. You will also be needing a logo of your company at this stage.

Get Online Website Form Website Form of Get Online

Once you input your details, you will have to choose your categories and sub-categories from the dropdown and press submit.

Choose Related Services

You will now be asked to choose a pre-defined template suitable for your business.
Select the Free Template Option from here and Click on Continue.

Get Online Website Templates

In some sites, after this step, you may be directed to the settings and adjustments panel in your page. Usually, this is a little tricky but try not to play with it if you do not know much. Let it remain in default mode. But on Indiaonline’s Get Online, you are guided step by step without any complications. From here you are just a few minutes away from creating your website.

Complete Website Making Guide

Just put the details about your company, products & services, latest updates and preview. See how your site will look and publish your website in the next second. Wasn’t that easy?

Your Own Website

India Online is a powerpacked platform backed up with a network of more than 350 websites to promote you in every nook and corner of India. Not only will you get your website but a year full assistance for free. Apart from that you will get free business listings on your city, as well as on our Indiaonline.in listings. Isn’t that great? Creating one website and getting promoted all over India in just a few clicks!!!

So what are you waiting for?
Get Online now!!!