Businesses, especially on a small scale, lack proper exposure. They do not find the right medium to come into the eyes of their customers. Although many of the budding entrepreneurs know about the option of building the website, yet they do not avail it because of the complexity and high costs involved. With the advent of free website building options, doors were opened for the businessmen to widen their reach and attract more buyers to their products.,, and many more website building platforms came up with free services and features for their customers who were looking for promoting their products on the internet.

YOU can create your website on your own! For FREE!
Yes, you read it right. YOU can create your own website in less than 5 minutes now for free, especially when you are making it on India Online.

How to build your website

The amazing services you’ll get here are unmatched and unparallel. It’s a 3 step process of Selecting a Plan and Registration, Choosing a Template and Building your Site. And Viola! It’s Done.

The Best Option to Create a Free Website for Small Business

Apart from the above mentioned sites, India Online is one platform which allows free website building option to all those start-ups who were earlier hidden in their small shops. Its main focus is to bring your business at par with the others through a few pages published on the world wide web. But, apart from the other web designing sites, India Online targets to focus on the population of India and not any other International location so that you and your product gets all the attention. But don’t worry, the reach is worldwide. So, you need not worry about your inter-continental clients at all. India Online will get them to you.

Why Promote your Business Online?

Your product is the mirror of your business and if you hide it from the world or do not showcase it to them, no one would know why you are unique. Promoting your business online, gives you the much needed global attention in just one click. And wonder how accessible will it be, if you are working from home or from a small town. You will get your clients directly through the web. And won’t it be the icing on the cake if, you get all the services for free? India Online gives you the perfect opportunity to throw your products and services into the market and enjoy the exposure with greater profits.

Website for Small Business

How Your Business can grow with a free website?
For a second, forget it’s a free website and think of all the features you would like to have from a professional website builder. What will you expect? Quick and Easy? Minimal Efforts? Low maintenance? Beautiful Templates? SEO Optimized? Free Updations? Photo Gallery? That’s it? Well, India Online has it all and more. The site has all the features that you are looking for and that too at zero price. You do not have to pay for it at all unless you decide to upgrade your basic plan.

Many users think of skipping the free option to create their website thinking it will not have enough features. Well, India Online asks you-

“Why pay for something which you could avail for free?”

How to Create a ‘Free Website’ for Your Small Business?
First of all, define the purpose of your website. Is it an E-commerce site? A blog? A Photography site? Or any other website that you wish to create? After which, find the best options available in the market, which will help you create you site and promote your business online. You can opt for paid services of various website designing firms who will design your sites and charge you for the domain registration, content addition and multiple upgradations at various points of life.

But when you have a small start-up business, you will surely not want to spend thousands on your website alone. You will rather focus on your product. We all understand how hard it is to setup your own business anywhere. It takes you more than thousands to lakhs to start your business. That is the reason free website building option was introduced in the market. Although, there are ‘n’ number of sites available, but to ease your search, we have come up with India Online which has all the unbelievable features to create, update, modify and maintain your website/s all by yourself!

Here is a small glimpse of what India Online looks like :

Get Online Website India Online is a network of 475 websites covering states, cities and 4000 other towns all over India. Now, do you think your products and services will not get noticed? Of course they will. This network is specially designed keeping the Indian audience in mind and to solely cater and focus on their expectations.

You will not only get your website here but you will automatically register yourself to our ‘All India Business Listings’. Your company’s name will not only be shown on your city to which you belong, but, also on the business listings of India.

You can even write an article about your shop/store/showroom in your city and we will publish it after reviewing on our City-Guide.

Steps to Create a free Website for your Small Business

Let’s a get a quick step-by-step view to create your website on India Online.

Step 1: Select Your State, City and Locality and click Apply.

Select City on Get Online

Step 2: Select your Plan.

Get Online Website Packages

Step 3: Fill in your Details:

Website Form1 Website Form2

STEP 4: Select your Business Category or Sub-Category

STEP 5: Pick Template according to your Category.

Website Templates

STEP 6: Start Building your Website!

Website Builder

STEP 7: Click on Preview.

STEP 8: Click on Save and Publish and see your website live.

Complete Website

Isn’t it really Easy and amazing? So, what are you waiting for click here to Get Online or visit now!!!