How To Create Website For Doctors

We know how much of your effort and time goes into becoming a doctor. May it be a Physician, a Dermatologist, a Dentist or a Gynaecologist; it takes up a lot of years to become one and this profession reserves the rest of your life in saving other lives. Of course for that 24*7 act you would require recognization in the world. Imagine getting overseas clients as well as local ones from different states. Imagine your referrals from all over India. This can be quickly done thro .. Read More

Why to have Your City Name in Your Website Link

One of the biggest fears of the owners of small start-ups is not the fear of loss, it’s the fear of not being able to reach the proper audience/customers and prosper in their business. To overcome it, they begin to channelize and advertise through smaller mediums like pamphlets or posters. But in most of the cases, the news is spread via word of mouth. Their customers or potential customers are either their friends, relatives or friends of relatives. After which, their .. Read More

Create Your Website without Knowledge of Web-Designing

In a lay man’s language, Web designing is the long, lengthy process of creating a website. This involves the in-depth knowledge of designs, layouts, interfaces and much more. But for all of this, a web designer must have hands on the coding languages like HTML, CSS etc. Beware, one wrong code, and your website will go for a toss. So a web designer has to be very careful about every bit. Why did people rely on Website Designers?Well, one of the major reasons was the lac .. Read More

Own Website V/S Web Designers

CREATING A WEBSITE Your website is the face of your organization; you have to make it appealing to your customers in order to get leads and sell your product. It is a medium through which your products and services will gain global reach just with one click. In the past, creating websites was a hassle. One had to have the knowledge of HTML, CSS and had to spend long hours in making templates and pages. Also if one switched to any professional firm for the designing, they had .. Read More

Create Your Stunning Website on India Online

Creating your website can be a tedious task when you are manually working on its coding or are relying on the professional web developers for the designs of your site. Apart from the designs you always have to worry about the hefty charges which you will have to pay to the website building company. And what if, even after paying so much and devoting a huge amount of time in the process, if you do not get what you want? That is where free website developing platforms come to y .. Read More

Steps to Create a Free Website

WHAT IS A WEBSITE? Before beginning with the “What to Do’s”, let us first understand what is a Website or site? A site is nothing but a compilation (or a set) of pages linked with a single domain. Which means, if you are creating a website say,, it will have a number of pages related to your domain like History, Statistics, Current Matches or anything you like. These pages will represent what your website is all about. To host this websi .. Read More

Create Small Business Website On Your Own

Businesses, especially on a small scale, lack proper exposure. They do not find the right medium to come into the eyes of their customers. Although many of the budding entrepreneurs know about the option of building the website, yet they do not avail it because of the complexity and high costs involved. With the advent of free website building options, doors were opened for the businessmen to widen their reach and attract more buyers to their products.,, GoDa .. Read More